Our Target Systems are flexible, portable, affordable, and virtually indestructible.

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The 20 degree tilt adapter presents the target to the shooter at an angle. Splatter, from the round breaking up, impacts away from the shooter . We offer seven (7) different adapter lengths to accommodate the larger AR500 targets.

We offer transportable Rifle Target stands that assemble/disassemble without tools. Our 3/8" thick Rifle targets are made of AR500 steel. 

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We've documented over 78 American Steel Plate stages that can be assembled from our AR400 10", 12", 18 x 24" Plates, bases and Stems. 
Optional stick holders can be added to the base to permit the use of IPSC, IDPA, FBI Q or ICORE cardboard targets on 1" x 2" furring strips. The components are available as separate items.

We offer a light weight Transportable Target stand (Stick holders) that assemble/disassemble without tools. We make pepper poppers, full sized and  mini (2/3) size in IPSC and Classic offerings. Bumper pads are incorporated in their design. A simple kit converts the mini size pepper poppers from rear falling to forward falling targets.

Our Targeting Systems are used for training, (North Texas Shooting Academy),  Law Enforcement agencies, practice, (KR Training) and steel plate Matches.

Check our New Products page for our newly released items and our on going efforts to develop new products for clubs, gun ranges, law enforcement agencies, and private individuals who enjoy handgun shooting challenges that hold your interest.

Repercussions consults on custom handgun ammunition loads, builds/modifies custom Ruger .22's, (see the Steel Slayer 22-45 Mark III).

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