AR400 ASP System

Our Speed Plate System is flexible, portable, affordable, and virtually indestructible.

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This stage is called Klutz. Is it one of the 78 pre-defined stages that can be assembled with our Plate system. There are many more that can be designed with our components.

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The pre-defined Steel stages require:
  (5) - 10"
  (5) - 12" 
  (4) - 18 x 24" 
plates for their layouts. Our reversible plate design permits using either side of the plate as the target. Mounting our plates or changing out stems requires no wrenches. (Click here to see plate setup). Our design prevents broken welds. We have over 10 years of use - without any repairs! We use AR400 plate for our target material. Select " Home " then either " Handgun-Targets " or " Rifle-Targets " for other target shapes and choices which can be used in conjunction with the stems and bases.

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American Speed Plate stages use: (24) stems.
2 - 18"
3 - 24"
2 - 30"
3 - 36"
3 - 42"
5 - 48"
2 - 54"
3 - 60"
1 - 66"
All stems are 2 +1/8" short of their listed length to compensate for the base and plate socket devices. The named length places the center of our targets at that height. The material for the stems is 1/2"x 1 1/2" x 1/4" angle iron. The plates use the stems (either end) for support and the other end is held by the Universal Base. (Click here to see stem setup). We also offer a Disconnector kit that converts the stems into stands and the plates into knock downs with a spin inhibitor built in.

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The Universal Base is used to support and hold the target stem. Most of the stages will require 5 bases. (Click here to see base setup).

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All pre-defined stages can be built from the Universal Bases. Optional stick holders, (for an additional cost) increases the base versatility. The Universal Base is designed with removable legs. This permits sliding multiple Universal base plates on to one pair of legs. There are stage designs that use double base plates, several  of them require 2 double bases. Stick Holders are shown on the rear base.

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Triple base plates are required for some of the stages. Simply slide one plate to the middle of the removable legs and add the other two plates (one to each end) to create a triple plate Universal Base. The "Texas Tree" stage is at its best with a double base and a triple base. The optional stick holders are shown on the front and rear bases.

Click to enlarge A Steel match CD is available. The CD contains the stage layouts, rules, match template/scoring and classification system. The scoring and classification system uses Microsoft Excel and macros to determine match results and to classify participants. There are tools to assist the match director, such as a selection sheet that keeps track of when the stages were last run. The classification system uses the last 1 to 18 months of match data. Select " Home " then " Matches " - American Speed Plates for more information.

  All of the items offered can be purchased individually.
We guarantee our welds against breakage with normal handgun loads.