Handgun Targets

Our Handgun Targets are  designed for durability, portability and flexibility.

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Our AR400  3/8" thick plates are cut in a water bath on a high definition computer controlled plasma machine. The edges remain as hard as the rest of the plate. All of our plate designs and mounting hardware are designed to permit reversing of the targets so either side may be used. We have found that all metal targets will bend. Soft metal will cup toward the direction of the incoming bullet. Hard metal targets bend away from the line of fire. We have targets that have been in use since 1996, some are on their 4th flip over.

Our target plates, mounted with one hole, are drilled and counter sink on both sides to accept a 1/2" modified grade 8 plow bolt. The double counter sink permits either side of the plate to be used as a target. The grade 8 plow bolt, located in the center of the metal targets, have received numerous hits from handgun rounds without failure.

 We have a number of plate designs with which to populate our plate rack.  They have 2 square holes in the plate tab for attaching them to an adapter. 

 Our Pepper Popper targets use 2 square holes for mounting with grade 8 carriage bolts. They also are designed to be reversible.

We can cut plates of your design. Mounting holes can be changed to fit your requirements, when requested and if we concur on the requested location and hole size. The individual drawings provide our target dimensions and hole layouts.

 We offer several mounting methods for our steel handgun targets whose holes are in or near the center of the metal plate.

  Medium sized (mini, also called 2/3 size) plates with holes at the bottom use a small base for the Pepper Poppers. Full sized Pepper Poppers use a larger base. The 1/2 size pepper poppers have a unique base that holds 2 of the plates that cross each other when knocked down. 

 A brief description of our target hardware follows. Return to the 'Home' page then select  "Target Hardware"  for more details. 

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 A pendulum arm is available for use with our A-Frame (it can be purchased as an individual item). The plate adapter end is designed for bolting on targets with the center hole.

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 This is our adapter for mounting  center hole handgun targets to a 1 1/2"x 1 1/2" x 1/4" angle iron stem. The target drops on to the selected stem. A tool is only required when reversing a plate. There is a lot of movement and noise when the plate is hit. Angle iron stems, have proven to be a very durable method to support a target. A handgun round impacting a stem might dent the angle iron; but will not effect the integrity of the setup. The stem material is a common angle iron found at metal suppliers.

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Our smaller pepper poppers mount on a frame which has a built in bumper pad and removable stabilizer legs. They will stack flat when stored. The stabilizer legs are provided for use on terrain that might prevent leveling. 

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Our large pepper poppers frame is built similar to the small pepper popper frame. It also has a built in bumper pad and removable legs. They are designed to stack level while stored. Shown is the large base with a Classic popper mounted.

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Our plate rack has the plates on 14" centers. We offer circles, squares, rectangles, octagons, bowling pins, triangles, tombstones and Pesky Poppers (shown on rack) that bolt onto the rack hinges. We can create a plate of your choice - let us know what you want.