We use our products to design match stages.

All matches are held at the North Texas Academy Range near Ladonia, Texas.
This is a private range - contact Jerry for a reservation.
The selections to the left are monthly calendars of scheduled/canceled matches and match results.

American Speed Plates are scheduled through out each month. Check the months calendar for scheduled match days. 
The matches are scheduled for 6 stages; but may vary depending on the number of shooters.
There will be 5 targets for each of the 6 stages which are shot 5 times (5 x 5 x 6) = 150 rounds - if you miss nothing!

Paper and Steel  matches, when scheduled,  use a mixture of 2/3 size pepper poppers, steel (fixed and knock down) and  paper targets (NRA D-1 and IPSC).

Shotgun matches are either Auto or Pump. A minimum weapon capacity of 5 rounds is required.