New Products

A little variety will add spice to your shooting pleasure.

Latest  releases:
 1.  AR500 1/2" Heavy Duty Rifle Targets - 8", 10", 12" 18" and 2/3 IPSC.
 2.  Drop on Top Mount adapter for Center hole Handgun targets. 
 3.  Drop in a stem - Universal base. Same flexibility - less cost!
 4.  Transportable target stand re-designed to fit Universal base leg spacing.
 5.  A Dueling (cross as they fall) man-on-man stop target.
 6.  A 20 degree tilt stem. (for 2/3 and full size IPSC AR500 targets)   

Future projects  
 We will be designing a 6 plate Dueling Tree.
       Design goals:
        AR400 Plates - 3 Round, 3 Square
        Estimated release - Project on hold.