Target Hardware

We offer target hardware from the ground up.

Our target hardware kits include any required fasteners.

Contact us if you have a requirement for a certain target and we don't show a kit for it.

The following three hardware categories support our various targets.

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'Handgun Hardware' covers AR400 handgun targets with center mounting holes. There are pendulums to adapt them for use with the A-frame assembly and stem mounting adapters to enable the use of angle iron stems. Nuts, washers and bolts are kited to mount one plate to one assembly. AR400 popper bases use a deflector plate to protect the base hinge assembly.
 Hardware for the falling Plate rack is covered under this category.

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'Rifle Hardware' covers the top mounted AR500 rifle targets. Chain Adapters and Stem Mount adapters unique to these rifle targets are covered in this category. Nuts, washers and bolts are kited to attach one target to the selected item. Rifle pepper popper bases are designed to use the AR500 target to protect the hinge assembly and most of the frame.

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'Common Hardware' supports both handgun and rifle targets. Angle iron stems also fall into this hardware group.
Shown is the Universal Socket base which is designed to hold angle iron (1 1/2" x 1 1/2" x 1/4") vertically. The socket design provides for fast changes of stem length. A plate (handgun or rifle) with an attached socket adapter can use a base and angle iron stem combination to support the target.
Rifle (AR500) and Pistol (AR400) that use the same target hardware are included in this category.